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 Hemp and Hops was founded by Katey Herland and Jessica Klein. Both are Colorado natives with deep roots in Western Colorado. They met in 2017, sharing a passion for health and wellness as well as cannabis education and advocacy. They both felt that the industry was missing well rounded, unbiased access to information and resources for small or "craft" business that do not want to scale, farms and ranches, minority groups and rural communities. So they focused on creating a solid foundation for positive and diversified industry growth through the Hemp and Hops Event. Why hops? They are both cousin plants, they share similar business challenges, they share a rich history with us humans. Both have medicinal attributes as well as industrial potential. Hops producers are faced with many challenges that we feel can be remedied by diversification of end use potential and crop rotation, and that is explored during our events. Katey has an AAS in Sustainable Agriculture from Colorado Mesa University where she was on the Deans List for academics. She has over 25 years of hands on farm and ranch experience, from management to ownership and everything in between. She has been involved in the cannabis advocacy space since the early 2000's, working to help connect patients with Dr's, teaching them how to grow, and how to create products at home that worked for their specific needs. She also worked on amendment 44 in 2006 that was for the decriminalization of marijuana for adult use in Denver. She is the co-owner of Canyon Country Hemp and was named one of the "Top 100 People You Should Know" in 2019 by THC magazine. 

Grand Junction, Colorado


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