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 “The way to develop the best that is in a person is by appreciation and encouragement.” —Charles Schwab


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Dylan Summers holds the title of Director of Government Affairs at Lazarus Naturals tasking him with regulatory, interindustry and legislative duties. Having started early with Lazarus Naturals, his role today has taken shape as a result of wearing multiple hats and chipping in wherever and whenever needed to ensure the operation’s success. His day-to-day is comprised of staying up with the compliance developments of the industry as well as collaborating with fellow stakeholders, public agency employees and the legislature to ensure sound Hemp and CBD regulation. He represents Lazarus Naturals on the Board of Directors of the US Hemp Roundtable, is an active member of the American Herbal Products Association and a founding member of a new west coast hemp coalition in the Alliance of Western Hemp Professionals (AWHP). Dylan finds his work in the hemp-derived CBD industry fulfilling as it presents the opportunity to focus on something meaningful with a positive impact.


With over 20 years of experience in cannabis growing, Trey Willison has an extensive background in breeding for various traits such as potency, flower formation, and early-flower/auto-flower characteristics. Over the past 8 years, he has also specialized in CBD breeding with 2 years of large scale CBD seed production. He continues to focus on breeding higher levels of unique phytocannabinoids into cultivars and stabilizing characteristics for larger scale agricultural-friendly cultivars to be grown in a multitude of climates. 


Growing up in Idaho, Willison first practiced large scale agriculture and seed production of food crops with his father.  Subsequently, working as a research assistant for the Oregon State Extension Service, he worked gathering agricultural data and tending to research plots for two years. While at the University of Oregon, he worked for three years as a research assistant/behavioral analyst, graduating with honors and a dual B.S. in Sociology and B.S. in Psychology focusing on Ethnomethodology and Developmental Psychopathology.  More recently, Willison self-funded and built from the ground up, a 7 million dollar production facility that is home to the hemp and cannabis breeding companies, Eugenius and Unique Botanicals which he owns and operates. This facility is a hallmark of his dedication to sustainability, from organic cultivation methods such as aquaponics to solar-power and LED-lighting integrated facility design.  With broad experience in the cannabis and hemp markets, he also works as an independent hemp/cannabis consultant providing analysis and tailored solutions across the industry.


Willison is not only passionate about unique cannabinoids and terpenes, but also improving quality of life and health for people and animals. He has vast knowledge of flora and fauna on both land and sea, and is a certified PADI Master Diver with over 1,500 dives including 5 years of scientific research diving for the Oregon Coast Aquarium. He and his wife Lauren live in Eugene and enjoy traveling to warm climates and eating delicious food. 


Judy grew up on a small family dairy farm in Deer Park, Washington. She and her husband, Roy, own and operate a small business in Moses Lake. Judy and Roy have three grown daughters and eight grandchildren.

Fort Wright College, Spokane

Owns and operates a small business in Moses Lake, and owns a family farm.

State representative, 2007-2014
Current State Senator


Founder Green Globe Inc (State of Washington)

eCommerce site ( We sell CBD Products)

We came online to represent CBD Products from hemp Dec 20 2013. We started in January of 2014  with 1 brand from Cannavest which later became CV Sciences. The brand is Plus CBD. We continue to pick up the phone and make connections with top brands in the USA.. As of this writing Sept 9 219 we represent 47 brands.

Company Goals. We strive to represent science based companies that can deliver products in the CBD space that are backed by manufacturing practices that hold up to FDA standards.

Personal Goals. To afford customers who find our website the best possible choices when deciding which product has the best efficacy for their reason in buying CBD. And in so doing taking care of our customers. It is all about customer satisfaction.

Personal Achievements: 

  • Mentally breaking through the stigma and accepting Cannabis as that which can be medicinal.

  • Creating an online presence allowing customers the ability to buy CBD Products.

Quirky Fact: “Scott don’t tell anyone you are selling CBD” Not everyone in the family unit sees things the way you/I might see it.

Common Thread: Continually making connections with folks I don’t know. To continue to pick up the phone, start the next text. Make connections to bridge CBD Companies and customers.


Scott Salisbury  253 221 9051

Ah Warner

Ah Warner, Founder and CEO of Cannabis Basics and Hemp Basics, Seattle’s Own since 1995, utilizing the best of industrial hemp and marijuana therapeutics. Winner Hemp Times 1999 Bioneer award for “Outstanding Achievement in Body Care”, featured in Cannabis Now Magazine for her entrepreneurial savvy, honored as Dope Magazine’s Patient of the Month for her advocacy work on behalf of the Cannabis plant, and the recipient of a special Cannabis Women’s Alliance Award for her focus and dedication to the women in Washington’s Cannabis Industry. Founder and Executive Director of ICHABAPA, International Cannabis Health and Beauty Aids Producer’s Alliance. Founder of Women of Weed, the federally trademarked private social club established in 2013. Founder and Director of Women of Weed Gives, a philanthropic entity raising funds through Women of Weed branded merchandise to foster women-owned or women-run non-profit entities in the cannabis space. Established in 2018.

 Warner is the co-author and chief orchestrator of new law that defines Cannabis Health and Beauty Aids (CHABA) (RCW 69.50.575) and allows for all non-502 retailers and natural care providers to sell topical products with low levels of THC and use them in their practice, in the state of Washington. This CHABA law was enacted July 1, 2015 and was the first of its kind in the entre country.  To date, Washington state is still the only state with this law on the books. 

 Warner was also issued the first ever USPTO registration for a brand logo with both the leaf and the word cannabis that actually protects a product with marijuana in it. This action had major implications and lays the foundation for other cannabis companies to protect their intellectual property. 


Jason is an entrepreneur with 18 years of experience in the molecular biology and medical device industries.  Recently, he co-founded Applied Genetics and has worked to build the company’s infrastructure to support a national sales force. His responsibilities included integration of a field sales model with three existing laboratory partners in the commercial molecular diagnostics marketplace, managing all financial aspects of the company, and contracting with agencies to drive sales.

Prior to his career at Applied Genetics, Jason contributed to scientific works that lead to publications which focused on the molecular pathogenicity of Helicobacter pylori.  After leaving the academic laboratory sector he worked in the commercial genomics field before becoming a distributor for multiple health care lines.  

Jason is the co-founder of Trace Analytics, Inc. and serves as COO.  His responsibilities include working with industry leaders to establish a cutting-edge process for quality control analysis of agricultural products and managing the company’s bottom line. Currently Jason serves as President of the Laboratory Guild of Washington board and also has been newly elected to the Washington Cannabusiness Association (WACA) Board.


Tonia Farman is CEO for Hemp Northwest, which cold-presses for seed oil, mills for hemp meal and protein powders, and produces hemp seed and hemp-derived CBD products for various brands including in-house brand, Queen of Hearts Hemp Health.

Tonia's family roots are in Pacific Northwest pickle processing but spent 15 years in Branding and Marketing for various outdoor retailers and outerwear brands. After a personal experience with cancer, she founded a nonprofit that helped young adults move forward after cancer. She received Self Magazine's "Women Doing Good Award" and Livestrong's Critical Mass "Mass Effect Award" for her work. Her work in cancer inspired her to look deeper into our food system and healthcare, eventually leading to discovering the benefits of the hemp plant in the health and wellness space.


Gregg Gnecco is VP of Operations for Hemp Northwest in The Dalles, Oregon, working with farmers, state and private stakeholders to bring a healthy hemp grain supply to market for human and animal consumption. Before hemp, Gregg worked in action sports supply chain management and global sales. After facing some health challenges of his own, he learned the incredible nutritional benefits of the hemp plant and dove in head first to further the industry and markets.


Steven was in the United States Army for 21 years earning the

rank of Master Sergeant. His military service allowed himself to

gain valuable skills such as Project and Program Management.

He transitioned those skills into the civilian workforce and was

hired in December 2018 as the Washington State Department

of Agriculture (WSDA) first-ever Cannabis Coordinator. Steven

is also the Hemp Program Coordinator for the State.


David Heldreth is the founder of Ziese Farms, the first to work with the FDA to produce hemp leaf as a food item. Heldreth has more than a decade in the cannabis and hemp industries and recently testified at the FDA hearing on cannabis and CBD. He regularly provides scientific, regulatory and agriculture information to lawmakers and agencies at the state and federal level. 

Heldreth also serves as Chief Science Officer of True Terpenes and is the founder and CEO of Panacea Plant Sciences, a biotechnology company developing a portfolio of cultivation and related IP and patents around the cannabis plant. He testified at the historic FDA hearing on cannabis, CBD, CBG, CBC and terpenes in our food supply on May 31. 

Heldreth’s currently working with the FDA to further allow hemp essential oils and flower into the food supply. He views expansion of products allowable under federal and state law will drive higher returns for farmers and the economy as a whole.

Heldreth has developed patent-pending technologies to stimulate the production of terpenes and cannabinoids in the cannabis sativa plant. Heldreth along with Panacea Plant Sciences and Ziese Farms ran a 3.5-acre hemp cultivation and processing campus in Washington State. Ziese Farms is handling flower, leaf and plant products, while Panacea Plant Sciences collects data for future IP development.

He’s an expert on the various laws from the Farm Bill to the FD&C Act that affect the way hemp and cannabis are allowed to be cultivated, processed and even used under federal and state laws. Heldreth has worked with the EPA, WSDA and California Department of Pesticides among other agencies to open access for testing new products on hemp.

Heldreth brings this knowledge and background to his work guiding True Terpenes through the scientific and regulatory landscapes. True Terpenes focuses on providing flavor solutions for cannabis, food, beverage, cosmetics and beyond. They specialize in utilizing isolated botanical terpenes to recreate the flavor, taste and aroma of the cannabis plant.

True Terpenes and Heldreth are developing cannabis and terpene intellectual property to expand form factors and uses for terpenes. This dovetails with Heldreth’s advocacy work with cannabis at the state and national levels.


chef sebastian carosi.... 

a short-order cannabis revolutionary... 

 a farm raised old-school culinary professional with over twenty-five years in the restaurant + hospitality industry, a pioneer in the countries farm 2 fork movement... originally from providence rhode island, up on federal hill and the mafia ran red sauce pasta houses of little italy... chef carosi earned his culinary + hospitality degree from western culinary institute in the lush green city of Portland, oregon... he did several apprenticeships in Sardinia, italy at his family’s agritourismo... is one of three trained shaker chefs left in the world... has cooked from coast to coast and several countries outside of the united states... he has operated the entire spectrum of food service facilities, from multi million dollar mega resorts to thriving intimate neighborhood eateries, always with a direct link to every local food source + farmer that can feasibly supply his needs.... chef carosi is an avid pacific northwest forager and wildcrafter, living off the grid for several months each year in the foothills of mount st. helens.... these wild edibles are expressed throughout his hyper seasonal menus.... cooking with cannabis since the mid 90's chef carosi currently offers his expertise to the cannabis industry in the form of cooking with cannabis educational culinary demonstrations, product research + development, cannabis production kitchen design + upfits, production kitchen staff training, standardized recipe development, terpene fortification, dosage calculations + formulas, production schedules + staffing needs, production equipment training, conference cooking demonstrations, full spectrum cannabis consumption, responsible diabetes control through cannabis, private cannabis dinners, cbd + terpene fortified cocktails + mocktails, everyday cooking with cannabis and the health + nutritional benefits of cannabis in your kitchen.... you can read his regular cooking with cannabis column in the pages of maximum yield magazine here in the US and in Canada... or find his chronic cannabis creations in the pages of kitchen toke magazine, cannabis magazine, tokewell magazine, marijuana venture magazine, civilized, weed world magazine, the emerald magazine, soft secrets, the clever root, stoned daily and the green greek magazine in Greece ... you can find him doing sustainable grub cooking with cannabis, terpene fortified culinary demonstrations at the seattle hempfest, the boise hempfest, the oregon hempfest, the auto flower cup, the oregon hemp convention and regularly at the northwest cannabis club in portland, oregon... he shares most of his terpene fortified recipes on Instagram 



#terpenefortified #shortordercannabisrevolutionary #eattinghedevilslettuce #weediswhatsfordinner 


Dr. Jay Noller is a recognized global leader in hemp research, leading scientific discovery for more than four years in Oregon and all over the world. Regularly tapped to speak at major conferences and symposiums and for national and international governments on hemp and its potential research implications, Dr. Noller is well-regarded by many as one of the world's premier experts in hemp.

With a Ph.D. in soil geomorphology, his broad research background includes seed production, soils and ecosystem services, small farms and communiy food systems, pest management, and various approaches to natural resource management.

The diversity of his backround as a professor of landscape pedology, with research involving the disciplines of soil science, geomorphology, art and archaeology has made him uniquely suited for leading research at the nation's largest and most comprehensive hemp research center. He has published more than 180 papers and maps, six books and has made contributions to many more works. He is also an internationally known soil artist creating large eco‐artwork installations and fine‐art paintings on display and in collections around the world. 

 OSU’s Global Hemp Innovation Center is home to the world’s leading experts in hemp research. The largest of its kind in the nation, it promises to advance the research of hemp and its market potential across multiple diverse industries and research fields to serve the growing international demand for innovative approaches to food, health, and fiber.


Sarah Del Moro went to school at Oregon State University, earning a BS in BioResource Research with a focus on Plant Pathology and a MS in Soil Science. She has worked extensively with hops on plant nutrition, virology and drying, and has been consulting on industrial hemp production for the last two years. Sarah is a crop consultant at Bleyhl Co-op, a local farmer-owned cooperative supplying crop inputs, energy products, and farming supplies.


Carla Boyd - Founder of Hempway Foods

    Carla Boyd is a graduate of the University of North Texas, an entrepreneur, educator, & advocate within the Cannabis/Hemp Industries. Her involvement began in early 2009, serving on the board of the Mile High Denver NORML chapter until 2012. During this time, she also consulted with several dispensaries with a marketing/sales focus & events coordinator for Hemp Cleans, a statewide Colorado educational campaign.

   Carla struggled personally with various food intolerances; she discovered that hemp(food) assisted her on the road to sustainable health.  This inspired the creation of Hemp Way Foods in 2014 and fuels the company’s visionary food products. Hemp Way Foods education is shared alongside brand awareness and is a central focus of the business’s outreach.  She just became back-to-back winners at the 2018 and 2019 Grow Hemp Colorado Indo Expo Events as the “Best Hemp Food Company”. 

   Her recent highlights include an appointment to the Leadership Counsel for the National Small Business Association. Hemp Way Foods has been featured in various regional publications, most notably the Denver Post & the Hemp Connoisseur Magazine; making the Hemp Connoisseur Spring 2018 “100 People You Should Know”.  The year begins with local and national speaking opportunities for sharing her message of hemp nutrition & sustainable food development; starting with the Industrial Hemp Summit in VA, the development of her online cooking show “Cooking with the Hemp Food Lady” and her collaborative cookbook soon to follow.

Kim Stuck - Allay Consulting 

Kimberly Stuck was the first Marijuana Specialist for the Denver Department of Environmental Health and therefore the first Marijuana Specialist for a public health authority in the Nation. Conducting compliance inspections, license sign offs, running pesticide investigations, writing press releases, conducting recalls, conducting shelf stability and CBD source approvals, she’s done it all. The industry lovingly started calling her the “weed-whacker” primarily because she has disposed of ~28 million dollars of Cannabis/ Cannabis products in 2016 alone due to non-compliance. She has greatly helped Colorado develop requirements and has also helped California Department of Public Health (CDPH) develop their regulations. She has knowledge of all local, state and federal cannabis and health regulations. During the years as a regulator she grew a love for the industry and the people in it. While working as a regulator she noticed a huge gap in the industry when it came to Compliance Consultants. She knew she could make a huge difference and save Cannabis companies millions through active preventative measures if she started her own company, and has been named one of the 13 women who will may help shape the cannabis industry. With the support of the Industry she decided to launch Allay Cannabis Consulting.  Allay Cannabis Consulting’s goal is to help the cannabis industry thrive on a global scale.

Sean Covi CFP - Small Business Tax Specialist

With age comes wisdom.  Have you ever told yourself “If I knew then what I know now, I would have made different and potentially better decisions"?  The truth is you don’t know what you don’t know…until you find out.  Many business owners simply don't know they are already 'sitting' on a large check that they can't deposit yet, especially with the recent change in legal status for hemp businesses given the passage of the Agriculture Improvement Act of 2018.  Sean Covi's efforts help many business owners, including cannabis, keep more of what their business already earns.

Some businesses are not aware of areas where they are wasting a lot of money and Sean doesn't expect them to take that suggestion on faith.  His team will demonstrate it and recover the excess for the business.  Savings often can be tens or hundreds of thousands of dollars, potentially more for large businesses.  

Sean works with businesses and their tax planners to help them implement underutilized expense controls that reduce tax and operational costs with an emphasis on improving profit and financial performance.  The strategies he brings are often overlooked by CPA's because they are not directly accounting related, they may not know which programs are allowed within the parameters of code section 280E or in the case of hemp they are no longer bound by CSA schedule I or 280E, so many business owners don't even know such tools exist to save them money.  Yet business owners rely on their tax advisor to make them aware of these things so Sean partners with other financial and tax professionals to do joint work in these specialty areas.  

Sean Covi's focus is to identify areas where a business is already eligible to reduce tax and business costs but does not have the needed process or paperwork in place to receive the benefit they are owed.  Sean's team performs due diligence to gather and document data needed for a business to capture hidden cost reductions.  Companies who get the most from Sean's efforts usually hire 1 or more employees each year, may own commercial real estate, develop a product and test QA before going to market, pay a significant amount of income tax or P&C insurance premiums or have large utility bills, although some start-ups can benefit as well.

Nikki Florio Founder of Bee Heroic

Nikki Florio is the founder/director of Bee Heroic, an adult focused, pollinator and climate project.

Her background in natural sciences, and environmental psychology was the result of moving to Lake Tahoe in her early years.  An extension of a non-profit she ran in Lake Tahoe (Tahoe Regional Environmental Education (TREE) Program), Bee Heroic is the result of decades of events and educational outreach, related to the environment  and sustainable business/lifestyles/education projects Nikki executed.  The extraordinary, unfortunate, and rapid decline of honeybees, winged - and terrestrial - insects, bird and bat species which keep our plants pollinated  and ecosystems healthy, spurred her into creating Bee Heroic.  Bee Heroic is currently 5 years old and is continuing it's second year of the Pollen Nation Tour where Bee Heroic visits events in different  states, presenting and hosting. Bee Heroic will discuss the issues and impacts behind colony collapse in  honeybee - and other pollinator - populations.  Providing information on the cause/effect of pollinators in this sixth great mass extinction,

as well as ways people and communities can protect themselves via immediate action.

Lindsey Vigoda, MSW - The Small Business Majority

Lindsey Vigoda is the Colorado Outreach Manager at Small Business Majority. Working with small businesses across Colorado, she has found the link to small business and community success. Utilizing her education in social work, Lindsey dedicates her work to creating an inclusive economy for all communities across Colorado.


Prior to working at Small Business Majority, Lindsey helped lead the Proposition 111 campaign in 2018. The successful ballot initiative that capped interest rate of payday loans became a historical win, earning more votes than any other Colorado initiatives. During her fellowship at the Bell Policy Center she honed her research skills while developing a passion for local policy change.


With a Master’s in Social Work from the University of Denver, Lindsey believes in equitable- and socially-conscious change. Her previous clinical work has informed her method of working within communities. She believes people power is the tool for social and political change and will continue to use her community building skills to make Colorado a better state for all.


Lindsey grew up in Denver, Colorado. On the weekends she roots for the Missouri Tigers and the Denver Broncos. She enjoys snowboarding on a blue bird day at any of the beautiful Colorado mountains, and a perfect evening is spent listening to live music at Red Rocks.

Judy Daniels Ph.D - Geospatial Soil Science, Soil Sage LLC. 

Dr. Judy Daniels is a Soil Scientist and Geospatial Ecologist.  She has been a professional environmental scientist since 1999, since receiving her degrees in Biology and Geographic Information Systems and Remote Sensing.  Her areas of expertise are land use change analyses, spatial statistics, and soil health and sustainability. She also received a Ph.D. in Soil and Crop Science and Soil Biodiversity from Colorado State University in 2016.  She is also a contributing author to 170 customized soil survey manuscripts, that include ecological site descriptions for the Soil Resource Inventory of the National Park Service. Her work experience includes 12 years as an Environmental Scientist, Project Manager, and a Geospatial Ecologist, for both private and government entities.  Her experience also encompasses 15 years of soil and biological field research, data and laboratory analysis, and geospatial analytics. In addition, she has over 25 years of data analysis and management experience. She has also combined her technical and scientific skills in analyzing landslides and landscape condition assessments for environmental reclamation projects.  The geospatial and imagery results from those projects were disseminated to a wide audience via an AWS cloud computing environment. Her new scientific projects include cannabis research, which she is evaluating 23 varieties for their nutrient and water use efficiencies across five different locations in Colorado. In addition, she will evaluate the responses of these varieties to different soil types and climate conditions.  The results will be correlated to potency content and phenotypes. In addition, she is a strong advocate in promoting soil education and sustainability through the United Nations sustainable agriculture goals. She also is a participant in the International Research Cooperative on Soil Carbon Sequestration, the Colorado Hemp Advancement & Management Plan for Research and Development, and domestic and international Soil Science Societies.  Dr. Judy Daniels is a United States Air Force Veteran and lives in Arvada, Colorado.

David Wilkinson - Hemp Business Advisors

After launching over 20 companies (7 multi-national), David Wilkinson was enraptured by the Hemp industry through a unique set of circumstances. His dual passion for the plant and those in the industry, when combined with his business background, has created a concoction few can mimic.

David’s extensive business and non-profit experience enables him to formulate original concepts for the Hemp industry which are unparalleled.  Providing world-class Executive Coaching to over 250+ companies has given him a unique ability to maximize team productivity. This directly eliminates inefficiencies and maximizes effectiveness which causes explosive revenue growth. 

Whether creating a new division/product or service in a well-established company or brainstorming with a new entrepreneur, David’s team at The Hemp Business AdvisorsTM, ensures that the highest standard of excellence is obtained.

David is currently the Co-Founder and Competitive Strategist at The Hemp Business Advisors TM. He can be reached at:

Barbara Filippone - Founder of Envirotextiles

Welcome to The Source of quality hemp fabric.  Envirotextiles, LLC is the manufacturer and importer of over 100 hemp fabrics world wide and a leading consultant for the Colorado hemp industry.  We stock the finest collection of natural fiber fabrics from China, Romania, the Eastern Bloc of Europe, and parts of Mexico.  Many of these fabrics are used by designers such as Ralph Lauren, Versace, Volkswagen VW motor company and many others.  As the manufacturer and importer, we can provide the best possible pricing on our wholesale hemp fabric collections and finished promotional products.

EnviroTextiles located in Glenwood Springs, Colorado, is a pioneer in sustainable textiles, specializing in hemp fabric and a variety of organic fibers.  Our one of a kind sustainable textiles, natural fabric, and natural fiber products are used to manufacture eco-friendly clothing, furniture, bath and personal products, also construction finishing materials. All of our products are made from organic sources, which include our hemp, agave cactus, coconut fiber, and others. We currently provide wholesale hemp fabric, yarns, and finished products to over 70 countries around the world.  Orders ship from our central location in Colorado to your destination within the U.S., Canada, and abroad.  For large production orders we ship direct from our Chinese location to yours.

Duane Stjernholm - Colorado Hemp Processing Cooperative

Carly and Duane are dedicated to bring whole plant Agricultural Hemp processing to rural Colorado and eventually all of the United States.  Their ultimate goal is to have similar Cooperatives in every state and every Cooperative being shareholders in every other Cooperative.  This will reward the growers and manufacturers who are doing the work and allow everyone to collaborate and share in everyone’s success.

Kevin Hodge - Founder of Hemp Adobe Homes and Greenhouses

Imagine a Home that Pays for Itself, Grows Food for You, Heats and Cools Itself Through Convection, and Supplies You Comfort and Safety.


The Hemp Adobe Homes team is committed to making a contribution to society and mankind as a whole, our team has devised a new building material that resonates with generations of folk. Hemp, as the times are changing, is now seen as, and always has been known for a superior building material. Adobe has been part of ancient structural design since the building of the pyramids.  The marriage of technologies, utilizing forms created by current composites technologies, brings forward a new concept in building construction. Our design consists of pouring the Hemp Adobe material into molds and precast them in a way that makes the buildings lighter and stronger than conventional stick frame or concrete construction.

Dawne Vrable - CEO Authentic Hemp Co

Dawne co-founded the Authentic Hemp Company after finding her own healing on the founding premise of bringing integrity, purity & authenticity to the hemp industry from seed to shelf.  Authentic Gardens is a High Country Hemp Company that Biodynamically cultivates Industrial hemp & is registered in the Colorado Industrial Hemp Program.  Dawne formulates for Authentic which extracts & offers effectively focused hemp products.


Dawne holds 15+ years of experience in the herbal industry including clinical consultation, growing, teaching, formulation & product development as a Certified Herbalist. Dawne co-founded & formulates for Dynamic Roots, a family focused, Bioregional based product line that supports seasonal health.  Before DR, she brought herbal products to her Integrative Nutrition practice; specializing in Pediatric, Digestive & Women’s Health.  Dawne holds a pre-med track BS degree from Colorado State University in Developmental/Genetic Biology & has a history in lab, genetics, nutrition with a solid foundation of biological knowledge.


Certifications include:

Western Herbalism

cGMP & ServSafe

Integrative Nutrition

Permaculture Design

Reiki Master Teacher

Functional Medicine

Women’s Health

Metabolic Diseases

Chuck Peacock - Soil Scientist NRCS

Chuck Peacock, Soil Scientist
Helping People Build Ecological and Financial Resiliency:
Regenerating croplands, rangelands, and forests by building
healthy soils.
Chuck’s professional goals:
1) To advocate for, and aid in, the regeneration of our soil, specifically on
agricultural and forest lands but also anywhere that the soil has been
2) To advance my own, and others, understanding of plant, soil, landscape
inter-relationships in order to manage the land with an "ecological systems"
oriented approach vs the modern linear/reductionist approach.
Chuck is a Soil Scientist with the Natural Resources Conservation Service,
a branch of the US Department of Agriculture. He has over 2 decades of
experience mapping soils and ecological site correlation with NRCS and
also extensive "technical services" experience, which is essentially helping
people of all ages understand the nature of soils and how to apply soil
survey information to their specific needs.
Presently he is pursuing and applying more in depth experience regarding
the "soil food web", various soil biological testing & monitoring
methodologies, and regenerative farm & ranch planning using adaptive
management principles. He is familiar with several adaptive management
approaches such as Holistic Management and Keyline Design and most
recently the Adaptive Management Workbook tool developed by Northern
Institute of Applied Climate Science and the USDA Climate Hubs. 
You can find Chuck on LinkedIn and he also has his own website – with a presence on Facebook.

Dr. Meredith Schrader - Hemp Entomology and IPM

Dr. Meredith Shrader is the Colorado State University entomology extension agent for the Tri-River area.  She obtained her doctoral degree in Entomology from Virginia Tech concentrating on Vineyard IPM.  Her research focused on the feeding preferences of the invasive the spotted wing Drosophila in Virginia vineyards.  She also has a Master's degree in vegetable / row crop IPM from Virginia Tech where she did her research in snap beans and soybeans on the Eastern Shore of Virginia.  She routinely consults and collaborates with vegetable and fruit growers in our region.  She has been helping hemp growers for the last two years identify and control key pests in their fields.  She and others at CSU are working towards developing integrated pest management strategies in hemp that work well in our region. 

Courtney Chandler - DIY CBD Salve Worshop

Hi! My name is Courtney Chandler, a Co-Founder of Sunshine Health & Wellness, & early Co-Founder of Emergent Wellness. I love helping new emerging health/wellness brands with getting their work and passions out to the people! I do this by creating content around the positive impact their organization is making in the world! 

My passion grew from my sickness when I was in my mid 20s and just had my second child. I ate the typical American diet, took several medications, and had several health complications when I was younger, that altogether led to two auto-immune diseases, hypothyroidism, SIBO, and Candida. From that experience I healed myself with new emerging all natural alternative forms of treatment and that grew a large passion for helping others do so as well! This passion fuels me to find new health/wellness companies who are creating amazing innovative products and treatment plans, that are getting results! 

I’m a big part of our Wellness team at EWA & cant wait to talk with you! Getting to dig into each other’s needs and see how we can serve each other in the wellness community overly excites me! I truly love to help our affiliates tell their story and share their work to the world through our Emerging Wellness Partners network. Serving people is one of my biggest gifts! I can’t wait to connect!

Tara Skubella Featuring Shawn O'Hurley - Meditation with CBD and Sound

Some people may know me from Naked and Afraid.  I survived 21 days in a Panamanian Jungle living intimately with the earth and sleeping with my bare naked skin touching the jungle soil every night.  This particular experience is the basis for much of my spiritual growth and gifts to share with the world.  

​My unique wilderness perspective can also be attributed to many years of teaching outdoor education, outdoor guiding, wilderness therapy, wilderness survival, working with people who've experienced trauma in the social services field and being an Earth Science teacher.  I believe my science background, comfort of naturism, wilderness application and spiritual practices create a practice in entirety.  It is important to first connect with nature and ourselves before we can fully connect with others in a healthy, authentic and intimate way.


Shawn O Hurley is a visionary facilitator who creates trans-dimensional experiences; using the conduit of vibration and the human voice.
Shawn O Hurley’s vocation is to illuminate and share the ancient practice of sacred sound as a vehicle for personal transformation.
Shawn’s personal MISSION is to create and actively participate in the REBIRTH of devotional singing (singing for spiritual purpose) into our shared culture.

Grand Junction, Colorado

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